Debt Collection Defense

I am being harassed by a debt collector.  What can I do about this?

I am being sued by someone who says they bought an old credit card account of mine.  What do I do?

Our firm counsels clients every week on these issues.  It is an unfortunate reality in our modern day society that people incur debts that they are sometimes not able to repay.  Economic, societal, and personal factors often place people in a position where they are not able to repay all of their obligations.  What exacerbates the problem are the egregious terms and conditions imposed upon consumers who are in default on a obligation by many of their creditors.  Does it really make sense to double the interest rate on a credit card debt simply because the consumer is late on a payment, or is unable to make payments at all for a certain period of time due to a layoff from work, unexpected medical problems or other issues?  Unfortunately, this is one of the realities you face when you are not able to pay your debts.  Even worse, the account will eventually be referred to a collection agency that will likely harass you in an effort to try to force you to pay, no matter what other more important personal obligations you might being trying to juggle (such as rent, utilities, food, childcare or medical expenses).  Even worse, many of these debts are sold to entities that purchase the obligations for a mere fraction of the original amount of the debt, and then sue you for entire amount (plus as many charges and fees as they can add to the account) and their attorneys fees.  Many of our clients have complained to us that when they tried to reach some sort of settlement with these entities, they refused to be reasonable in trying to reach a settlement or a payment plan.

Our firm often counsels clients who are faced with these circumstances.  If you are confronting any of these issues, please contact our office for legal advice.